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Joseph Aviation Consulting (JAC) offers over 47 years of world-wide aviation experience. As an aviator, Captain Joseph has over 28,000 flight hours in more than 70 different models of aircraft ranging from General Aviation to high-performance Military and Air Carrier aircraft. Operational expertise includes over 40 years of experience as a flight instructor in the aforementioned aircraft types. As the current Deputy Director of Aviation and Chief Pilot for The Texas Department of Transportation and as a retired airline pilot and Naval Aviator, Captain Joseph is intimately aware of the essential ingredients of a successful flight department. In addition to flight experience, JAC offers over 32 years of aviation accident investigation reconstruction and analysis and has been involved in hundreds of aircraft accident/incident investigations. Further, JAC possesses over 35 years of aviation safety and standardization development. Finally, Captain Joseph is an accredited IS-BAO Fixed-wing Operations and Maintenance auditor

Because of this level of experience, JAC can provide Aviation Accident Analysis, Pilot Performance, Aviation Safety Program Development and Auditing, Safety Management Systems (SMS) Integration, Flight Department Management, Pilot Employment Issues and Expert Witness Testimony. JAC's concise and methodological approach to accident analysis has proven time and again to be a formidable litigation tool.

With this diverse and uniquely qualified background, JAC is your firm's Aviation Expert.

"Rule 26 Qualifications and Rate Schedule" available upon request.

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Mission Statement

At Joseph Aviation Consulting we are committed to completely understanding and meeting the needs of every client, whether plaintiff or defense. JAC brings an industry known name to the table. Our comprehensive aviation accident analysis and expert witness testimony serve your litigation requirements with integrity and unparalleled experience.

JAC provides services to the insurance industry, the law profession, and other interested concerns. When your firm requires the services of an expert witness and aviation consultant, let us be your guide.